Calendar view always defaults to monthly without weekends if you switch btwn projects

  1. I use weekly view but it just changes back any time you leave the calendar,
  2. weekends is selected but gets deselected you move to another view or switch out and back to another project - even though its described as a controllable default choice
  3. Particularly the weekend issue is logged by many others going back ages and nothing seems
    to have happened so is this forum just a placebo lift close door to look like asana support actually care?
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Welcome, @Daniel90,

Both settings are saved after you change them when you notice the blue dot that appears at the far right, click it, and choose Save for everyone:




Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to save the default of of the TEAM Calendar to have weekends on. Right now we have to hit weekends off every time we view it which is rather annoying. The past solutions apply to the PROJECT calendar but not the TEAM one. The TEAM one still cannot have a saved layout which is a really annoyance for me and my team who refer to it quite often. We work out of Boards, but when we create something for a project in the boards space, it appears on the TEAM Calendar, but not the project calendar. Please see my screenshot for reference.