Web clipper?

I just started with Asana today - Loving it so far but part of what I do has me clipping things from the web to take action on. Is there some sort of web clipper so I can easily clip the link and then add a task? I’m on my Mac - I think I see something on Chrome but I’m a safari user.

@Kim_Cramer What do you mean ‘clip the link’?

You can copy it and past into Asana.

You can Shift + Command + 4 to select an area to screen grab. (Shift + Command + 5 gives all the screen capture options).

If this isn’t it, please explain your use case in more details.

Hi Thanks Richard, actually a web clipper is provided in different apps I’ve used int the past the allows you to easily tap an icon and the app will allow you to put the web link directly into the app and allows you to select the specific area you want it saved to. So yes I know I can do a copy and paste I was just wondering if they had a web clipper.

so you are looking for a plug in that does copy and paste? I don’t know of any as I just Command + c and Command + V. Not sure how much quicker that can be lol


provides exactly what you’re looking for–see the #8 annotation to copy the URL link into a task.

Edit: Whoops. Sorry; I did not notice the Safari requirement.

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Hi Kim,

We are working on an extension that will allow you to add tasks to Asana while browsing other websites, but unlike the Asana extension, it will automatically take a screenshot, let you draw on that screenshot, then automatically attach it to the task.

Unfortunately if you are strictly Safari then it won’t help you right now. (Its a Google Chrome extension). However if it turns out people find it useful and there is demand for Safari then it maybe a Safari extension in the future.

Therefore, I’m really interested to understand your use case - ie. Your job, why you clip from the web and how you later use those clippings.


Ben Munk

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