Copy Task URL is not working only for me? :(

I found that in my windows app version this useful feature is not working, :frowning: I’m needing to go to browser version to use this important function properly, but it is very annoying :confused: have to leave from windows version to go to the web version, only to search there the task from which we need to copy its URL! :frowning:
I have searched here for someone who has reported this error and I have not found it, I thought maybe some other software was causing this error, so, I took the effort to close each of my programs and turn off my BitDefender, and the error is still there :frowning:
Nobody else has had this error?, I hope support from ASANA can help me to know where the error is asap.
Thank you for your attention,
God bless you, bye.

How did you manage to have Asana as a Windows app? :thinking:

Hi Bastien, God bless u, good day, I’m a little sorry for having made a mistake, now I know what the right program name is ‘‘ASANA Windows desktop app’’ ‘‘My ASANA app’’ ‘‘Asana Webview App’’ etc., but I’m more sorry than you only focused on my mistake and not on giving any help (wasting valuable time), :disappointed: if you really are here to help, instead of asking sarcastic questions, ignore writing errors and please give us any possible solution. :wink:
On this error, I asked a co-worker who will try this option on his laptop (Copy Task URL), and it did not work either (although, like me, the message ‘‘The task URL was copied to your clipboard’’ appears in the bottom left), and how in my case, when he did it from the browser version, he copied the link very easily without any problem. :confounded:
I hope in Christ the developers can fix this important option asap (before moving to the paid version), thanks for reading, God bless you, bye.

My point is that Asana is only a website (for now), so any issue you encounter using a software to wrap it as a Windows app is not an issue with Asana but rather an issue or bug or limitation with the tool you used :wink: you should reach out to them instead.

U right Bastien-Siebman, I didn’t know the app I was using (gotten from Microsoft store) was not an ASANA official webview app, so, I decided work just with ASANA web version, thanks, God bless u, bye.

:heart: my pleasure