Paste screenshots / images directly instead of links



There should be a way to share images via the paste functionality. This is the main reason why we had to use Slack just for sharing screenshots. In Slack, if a content is pasted, it automatically determines the type of content in the clipboard. If it’s a screenshot, Slack automatically requests for image caption and optional comment. This is much easier compared to saving the screenshot to a file first, then attaching that file in Asana.

What do you guys think? Do you also find this feature useful and an improvement to your workflow?

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We hear you loud and clear on this one @jallensantos. I would love to see inline copy and pasting of images too :#

To capture this fully for the team, it would be great to learn how often you are doing this and what types of workflows you need images for most. Let us know so we can share the suggestion with the team. Thanks!


Hi @Kaitie!

So, we use this mostly for code and program reviews. When we discuss a particular line of code, it is much faster to share a screenshot of the block of code. Pasting the actual code lines won’t help since code formatting is not supported in comments. And even if it is supported, most likely the programming language that we use is not supported. (Boo SAP ABAP haha). There are also instances where we share screenshots of other developments not related to a code. So in the end, inline copy and pasting of images is the best solution here.


Hi @Kaitie – this would save a lot of time; not noticeable now, but here is my process:

  1. Nimbus Screenshot
  2. save as JPG
  3. upload jpg

So I imagine a very common use of Asana is: communication between DESIGNERS and NON-DESIGNERS… I may even go as far to say one of the MOST common uses of Asana is to communicate with virtual teams to get DESIGN/WEB projects done;

this usually involves a lot of screen shots, downloading and re-uploading; could add up to hundreds of hours per year from lost time donwloading and reuploading

Plus the inefficiency of creating a new file when one does not need to be created

Plus Nimbus already has a Slack integration, so you can see how an Asana integration or just a copy/paste as has been suggested could save a lot of time.

NOt sure if the cost/benefit is worth spending the time on it; but at this point, deciding NOT to do it is hindering the workflow from one of your core user bases


Thanks for these details, y’all! I’m sure @Kaitie will be excited to see them.


Out of all the Pros we are finding with Asana over Trello this has to be one of the most obvious paint points, and one that people discover very quickly (and complain about).

We find a lot of images/photos during research and just copy them to memory and past into the appropriate card (task). This makes the work flow streamlined and faster on Trello because you can just PASTE on any card and it add’s it as an attachment. On Asana we have to save it to our local computer or cloud storage then search through the Attachment process. I’d really like to see this Copy/Paste for images as soon as possible on Asana Tasks.


I’m going to add my ‘yes pleaaaase!’ to this =) It would be wonderful.


We’re with you on this one! Thanks for this feedback. @briankb the detail you provide makes it super easy for us to deliver this detailed feedback to our product team. The more we can learn about the pain point, what it’s blocking, and what kind of solution will help, the easier it is for our product team to determine next steps. :slight_smile:


I do hope this can be done for all file types (not just images) :slight_smile:


All file types would be awesome but images would be a great place for the devs to start and push out ASAP.

From a development point of view doing in memory copy/paste of images is much easier than other file types as they are already and mostly handled between the web browser and operating system via copy/paste.

The other document/file types are not as trivial and asking for more than just images on the first iteration might delay implementation. I think most users would be very happy to get image copy/pastes working as soon as possible and other file types later on as a lesser priority.


Yep that is true! I cannot agree more. The developers have the final say with the prioritization of the features to be implemented. At least they know that some folks would also want it for other file types, and that it can be added in their list to consider.


I’d use such feature everyday. I already do with Slack.

We use it to share designs, pictures and visual references.


This are very much looking forward to this. It would save us a lot of time!
The ways it’s done in Slack is exactly what we need for Asana.


Looking forward to this!


I’ll see @Caisha’s ‘yes pleaaaaase’ and I’ll raise an ‘oh sweet fancy, yes, this would save crazy-amounts of time’. (Wait, how do you play ‘go fish’ again…?)


As a workaround (until Asana builds this in), I’m using the Asana Paste Chrome extension (see It allows you to paste any image you have in your clipboard into a task.

Doing it with Asana Paste pastes the image as an attachment to the task, but what would be exponentially better is if the image could be pasted inline with the content (say, in descriptions and comments).

Easy way to add picture in a task
Feature Request: Paste images to upload

OH MY GOODNESS-- that extension ROCKS.


This is amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! Thank you very much! :smiley:


Thanks for sharing @Joe_Thomas
This is a great help and time saver.
I would, however, like many others, prefer to paste inline in the future :smile:


Agree here! as a design company we share ideas as screenshots for quick feedback. You save the screenshot to desktop, attach it, then delete it from desktop. It must be a better way.