Attachments embedding while commenting

Hi Asana team!

So every time I need to add a comment and an attachment in a task I have to first add my comment, and then scroll all the way to the top of the task, click on the attachment icon, and add the file/img/etc.

It would be super handy if the attachment icon was also located near the comment box so I could add a comment and attach a file at the same time. See mockup below.

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If I’m understanding your issue correctly Nicholas, I’m having the same problem.

I drag and drop files to attach, but not being able to post a comment with a file attached to that specific comment is driving me crazy. It means an email gets sent to my team for the comment, and another for the attachment. And it’s hard to keep track of which comment goes with which attachment sometimes.

I hope I’m doing something wrong and a combined comment/attachment feature already exists, because if not, it’s a terrible oversight.


Hi @Nicholas_Fargher and @Logan_Tanner. So sorry for the late reply here! Unfortunately, as it stands it is not possible to add an attachment directly to a comment; the attachment would have to be attached separately. That said I can appreciate that this system can cause some confusion, and this is definitely something we might look into for future improvements. My apologies that I can’t be of greater assistance, but I hope this helps clarify the matter. If there is anything else I can help with, please let me knwo! :slight_smile:

@Marie I just appreciate the response and the transparency of letting us know the facts, good or bad. Hope it’s something that can be figured out for future updates.



also for us a must-have.

we must be able to have a documentation of the progress of the task like photo or screenshot.

so please make attachments possible on comments.


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I would really like this too,

We are an agency and every time we upload a new document for our clients we write a extra comment with additional information. Clients then get 2 notifications (onthe same minute) and they don’t see the slight difference between those two and then think we messed up or something is wrong. It is really frustrating.

You can attach a file to a conversation reply in the conversations-tab. This is how this should work.


I agree it would be really helpful to be able to add an attachment from the comment box. Even if it’s separate from the comment it would be nice to have the paperclip button available with the comment option buttons. OR allow the when the thread gets too long the options should stick to the top so you can always see them.


you may vote for this needed feature …

For the love of god what is so hard adding an option to attach a file to a comment? why does an attachment needs to be a comment on it’s own? I mean Yahoo Mail did it 20 years ago. At least add an attachment button on the bottom as well.


Thanks for your feedback @Aviram_Avidan and apologies for the inconvenience here.

We already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback on this topic. Feel free to add your vote on the main thread too!

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I also was a bit irritated as I saw, that Asana is lacking this feature. I used to work with Teamwork Project Management and want to switch to Asana because of it’s faster workflow, but I must agree, that it will inevitably lead to confusion, if comments and attachments are separated. Instead of having some new gamification features or other bells and whistles, it would make a lot of sense in my opinion, to integrate this small but important functionality in one of the future updates.


My team just upgraded to Asana Premium and we’re loving it. However, there are team members who don’t like receiving two emails for one task comment. I’m preaching to the choir, but I would like to add my vote into to have the HTML code adjusted to include an attachment link in the comment field. It kinda makes sense, right? Here is my design and my comment. It logical.

@Marie wrote “…and this is definitely something we might look into for future improvements.” was written in February 2018, over a year. I guess might was the operative word.

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…or make the link bar sticky.

…or create a key command, which activates the attachment pane, so we don’t have to scroll all the way to the top. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It would be SOOOO wonderful, especially in tasks that end up having a lot of comments and subtasks, to be able to attach files from the comments area instead of having to scroll ALL the way up to the top again.

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HI @Cindy_Benabderrahman and welcome to the Forum! :wave:

We already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback on this topic. I hope that’s OK.

Have a great Friday! :grinning:

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It’s true file attachments via the Asana paperclip can only be done from the paperclip, but it is also possible to attach files directly in the comment area, by either of these methods:

  • Paste from the clipboard - just put your cursor in the area where you would type a comment and paste with Ctrl+V
  • Drag a file (such as from File Explorer) into the comment area. A welcoming dialogue pops up, as you drop the file

The file will show up next to a comment made at a similar time.


Is there a shortcut like this for using mobile devices? Thanks for the workaround info.

Sorry, I don’t know re mobile.

Totally need this to assertive communication!!

One mail with comments + attachment pleasee!!!