Attachments embedding while commenting

When you forward an email to Asana to be created as a task, if the email contains HTML with hyperlinks, the URL is inserted next to the link. But, because Asana automatically converts URLs into hyperlinks, when there’s a hyperlinked URL in the HTML email, you end up with:

http://link-url http://link-url

With both links being hyperlinked, since the original link text was also a hyperlink.

I understand why the actual link is inserted next to the linked text, but when they’re both the same URL, it would be nice if was only inserted once. I spend a fair amount of time going back and removing the double links and <>.


As a tangent to the reqyest to have Markdown available in description and comments, it would mean alot to have inline embedding of images. This is important whenever a comment should include more than one image, or it is important that the iage come in the middle of the text.
This feature is available with other project management tools.

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Right now I can only upload image but I can’t add description to image. Like slack is it possible to open a popup when image is uploaded so I can enter description?

Yeah, I’d like to be able to have images inlines in comments too, I just do things like “see comment above” as a workaround. I really with the comments in Asana could behave more like the posts in this board. I love the control of Asana Community.


This is a nicely formatted email sent to Asana:

And here is the same email destroyed by Asana:

When parsed by Asana, images are taken out of context, and urls become messy and confusing.

Everytime I see tasks like this on Asana I’m forced to go back to my inbox to find the original email, because it is frustrating to read like that. It’s against productivity and I guess Asana should be all about productivity.

Can you address this please?


This is indeed the normal behavior, you can’t embed images inside description, they are exported as attachments. My feeling is that you are trying to use Asana in a way it was not designed for (yet).

Asana consultant, author and developer

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The Scary URL isn’t really Asana’s issue, but an office365 thing your IT deptartment has set up in email to prevent users from going straight to a site from an email. Not to detract from your point though, I do wish there was more full featured formatting in descriptions and comments. Generally this comes in support items where I’m trying to show a set of steps and screenshots inline would be helpful.

Other times though I feel like we’re trying to do more in Asana than we maybe should, so this next part is just some advice.

An issue our team has had is moving collaboration on deliverables into Asana. I’ve recently made the argument that the collaboration in Asana should be about the task itself, not the development of the deliverable. Collaboration on the deliverable should be in the proper tool.

So if we’re working on a communication or technical documentation, the comments in Asana are along the lines of “Please review section X” or “Do we need this done by Tuesday?” etc.

If we instead try to create that document beginning in Asana, it doesn’t typically lead to easier collaboration. We get frustrated with the limitations, move the collaboration to Word, and then find out that’s where we should have been all along.

Not sure if that helps, but I find when I get frustrated with Asana, it’s often because I just want to do everything in it, whether it makes sense or not.

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My point is, some tasks are difficult to explain with words only, so images are needed.

But when images are included they remain at the bottom, detached from the text that talks about them, thats the main problem.

I used Wrike before, and doing the same resulted in images remaining in same position.

About the url, is not the length, it’s the way it breaks the href into < >


I misread what you meant by scary URL. I’m not a fan of how they do links, but link support in general feels more like the issue and there are two separate requests here.

  1. Support for inline images
  2. Better link support

I voted for this just because I would like both. But there are other requests for these features and this could probably be combined with those (and those with others). Asana might be aggregating these internally too. I’m not sure.

Inline images:

Link improvement from email:

With @Alexis leaving, I’m not sure who best to request merging from, @Marie?

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Links are actually no issue, but inline images is a must…


Hi @RyanE and thanks for the mention! Of course, I’ve just gone ahead and merged some of these threads!

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Hi @Marie, we and voters from all those threads would like to have this feature urgently. Can you share the plans to include it?

Hi @Juan_Diego, I completely appreciate your point, and I’d highly encourage you and other community members to continue to vote for this feature, so we can look into this for future improvements. While we might not be able to implement this right away, our Product Team will definitely consider your feedback!


That feature would be really good indeed. I used Basecamp in a project with an agency and their rich-text comments are amazing. I can do an entire review and send it as one comment instead of asana where this one comment would turn into 8 different comments with 8 different notifications on my client’s email.


Just thought I’d chime in with support for this feature. I understand the viewpoint that maybe some people are trying to use Asana in ways it wasn’t intended, but I think something that seems so ubiquitous should be a feature.

The “spelling out” of hyperlinks contained in emails sent to asana is really frustrating. I just forwarded myself an email generated by an asana comment (to remember to deal with it). The comment I needed was one sentence, and the description created was pages and pages of link text; almost impossible to find the useful info.

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Just starting to use Asana from Basecamp and am shocked that I can’t paste images from clipboard directly in line

Here I am going to put a screenshot of the bookmark button this page:


It works on this support form. Why not on a task!

Please, please allow inline image attachments. I don’t want to have to reference the name of my screenshots everytime I comment back on a task.


I think that this is the thread that you’re looking for: Inline image embedding in description and comments - #17

It’s odd that this feature is not only missing, but that there are several threads about it with seemingly no plans to implement this. We’re just using Asana wrong!

Thank you!!

I agree. Sometimes we need to upload multiple images and add comments referencing each image. It would be a nice feature to upload as one post or comment rather than uploading 5+ images, then add comment on a separate post. This becomes a really long thread.

This is one feature I really miss about Basecamp 3. Other than that, love Asana so far.

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