Attachments embedding while commenting


Are you using the new proofing features to make comments in the images? Proofing • Asana


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Yes, but that’s not exactly what I am looking for. We basically want to add a caption/short verbiage to each image we are uploading as one post and not as a separate subtask for each comment. See example below.

This is an image.

Overlay text on this image, but make sure it goes after image #2.


Got it. Thanks for the further explanation. @Marie this would be a really nice feature update in the comments section, especially for those that aren’t in the marketing areas.



Hi @JLs2,

I merged your post with Inline image embedding in description and comments to consolidate feedback around this feature request.

Thanks for taking the time to explain your use case here. I agree this would be very helpful and I voted for this feature request too.


Agree with @Juan_Diego and @JLs2 about simple inline images - it’s basic HTML functionality that’s in basically any other web tool - including this forum!

Teamwork (which we are looking to move across from) does this task exactly right (there’s a number of things it doesn’t do right but that’s another story).

Please also ensure the inline images and text formatting is maintained between Asana and email… @Juan_Diego has outlined the mess Asana makes of an incoming email with 2 images and 2 pieces of corresponding text. Currently the same happens with an outgoing comment to email - With the same 2 images and 2 pieces of corresponding text instead of Asana sending 1 email for the comment Asana splits it in to 4 comments and therefore sends out 4 emails! 1 for each image and 1 for each line of text… confusing and fractured!

This is how the above would look in Asana (messy and divided in to 4):

This is how it looks in Teamwork/Slack etc (and on an email sent from Teamwork) - much neater and very easy to read:


I struggle every day with this. Come on Asana, it’s 2019… let us embed an image!


Agree Juan!

Please look into if we can embed images into the ticket description instead of them showing up as attachments when images are pasted into Asana ticket description field…

Hi @johnny.chang and welcome to the Forum! :wave:

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us. As it stands, it is no possible to embed images into your task description.

While I can’t promise when or if this will be implemented, I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update :slight_smile:

Have a great Friday!

Thanks Natalia


Would be great to be able to attach attachments to specific comments, so we know what is for what. Example. Obtaining multiple quotes for a project, would be great to have the quote attached to an comment.


@Bryn_Jones Indirectly there is a way to do this in most of the major storage services, ie. Dropbox, Box, Google Drive etc. Most allow you to “copy the link”. You can then make your comment and past the link in as a hyperlink to your file.

It would be great to attach documents at a comments level to help easily identify comments that may pertain to a specific document.


Thanks for this feedback, @Silas! While the document won’t appear directly within the comment at this time, have you noticed that documents do appear in the comments list in the order they were added? As you can see here, I’ve attached a document and you can see it in the comments list.

I hope this helps you in the interim. :slight_smile:


Same as I can paste an inline image like this in this post:

Allow the same for both task description and task comments


Looking like a 32 month interim! :wink:

Is this on the roadmap anywhere?

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I wouldn’t use this feature in most of my tasks but when I need it for specific projects, I really miss it! Having this feature would speed up those workflows by a lot.
I’d love to know where this is on Asana’s roadmap.

Hello Asana, when can we expect this?

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I’m new to Asana, and I may be missing something, but it appears that I have to do them in separate steps. I can’t see a way to comment and attach a file at the same time. In other words, I comment, then I have to attach a file (consequently triggering two notifications, one for the comment, one for uploading the file). Can’t these go together? What am I missing?

The answer is: No.
However, is the real issue the count/frequency of notifications? in which case you might consider changing your notifications settings. Just remember that there are Project-level settings as well as your Profile settings that influence notifications.