Email signature image files

I forward email to my project conversation. When the email contains a signature image file, Asana stores it as an attachment. I cannot find a way to delete the resulting attachment.

There is a little x besides any attachment to delete. In addition, I thought I read once there was a character you could add to the body of an email to not include anything thereafter, but I may be remembering wrong and it may not apply to attachments.

Thanks for the reply James! I deleted them from the Conversation tab but they are still showing up in the tiled view of the Files tab. I don’t see any icon to delete there.

Hi Tom. Unfortunately the only way to delete the signature image file is to delete the conversation it was forwarded to. We can see how this could present challenges and we’ve made a note of it.


Thank you so much for your response!

Happy to help, Tom. Thanks for giving such a nice reply, despite a less than ideal outcome to your question. That’s very kind! :slight_smile:

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I would like to add my vote for a resolution to this issue. Our project files are inundated with our logo and social media icons. We do really love that we can respond to a project through email though, excellent feature of Asana.


@Ericson_Abing I am a new moderator so I am going to try and merge your question with an existing thread on this. @Alexis is the boss though. Email signature image files

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New to the forum and Asana. When I create a task for somebody and that person replies to my comment in Asana via his/her email (Outlook), Asana picks up all the email signature picture attachments from his email. For example, besides the comment, Asana shows that a several files were also attached including our company logo, logo for FB, logo for twitter,…etc because they are all in our signature line. It clutters up Asana and I cannot remove those attachments if I am not the person who replied. I can only delete it if I was the person who sent it via email. Then, I get email notifications for each one of the attachments that Asana picked up. It’s very annoying. Is there a way for me to remedy this besides telling my coworkers to first delete their email signature line before replying to a comment on their email sent from Asana?


+1 for this issue. We are not really using email processes yet and this is one of the reasons.

I was just looking into this issue and I think I found a really simple workaround. If you want to get rid of logos and everything appearing as attachments, you can change the email to Rich or Plain Text before you send it. See instructions here: Change the message format to HTML, Rich Text Format, or plain text - Microsoft Support

You still get all the signature text, but I found it gets rid of the images.


One of our users has several images in his email signature.
It drives me crazy. Every time he replies by email, we get 4 email notifications!

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Hello - It would be great to add a way to remove anything after a delimiter. For example, one could have in (or just before) their signature “–”, this would remove all of the mess in and after a signature. If there was the ability for each user (or company or other) to adjust their own delimiter, then this would suit everybody.


Feel free to create a post in the #productfeedback thread with this suggestion!

This is a big problem for me too, I have the same problem as at Ericson above.

It makes the commenting on the task a big pain, as I’ll write something to someone, and they’ll get the email, and just reply to the email (they’re all external to my organisation, I use Asana to manage projects with clients, so not super practical to tell them to delete their email signature).

But this makes the comments section on a task incredibly difficult to use as it’s clogged up with email signatures and logos, all of which post as separate comments.

Kinda ends up putting me off using the comments at all cause it’s hard to find the actual useful information.


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The blank image attachment on replies is an annoying problem for our company as well. Our email signatures have no images, but the images from Asana profiles end up cluttering tasks with image001.jpg files.

It is incredibly annoying to see email signatures in Asana when forwarding tasks from email into Asana. It just adds clutter and makes Asana harder to use.

Please add the ability to auto remove attachments based on file hash.

For example:

Email signatures from a chain of emails can add sometimes 3-4 image attachments that all end up being the same. This not only clutters the Asana task, it takes up unnecessary drive space on Asana’s servers.


Hi @Jamey_Dohanich, we already have a thread on this topic (Email signature image files - #19 by Clint_Berger) so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this thread!