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Asana team, Any ETA on a fix? It’s been a while and there’s really no use for signatures in any conversations on the platform. Please rectify or give reason why they’re still included in the email responses. Is there not some markup in the email body that’s wrapped with a signature tag you can target and eliminate?

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I agree. It’s the same files I delete over and over

Also I delete Signatures. They always contain the same text. The name I like to keep, so if Asana allowed me to auto-delete certain text strings, that would be great. In Danish it would be “Med venlig hilsen (Sincerely yours)”. Also our address “Frederikssundsvej 26B” is something I delete over and over.

Hello, Is it possible for Asana to strip email signatures when replying to task comments from my email?

Hi @Neil_Reeve-Newson! We already have a thread in the #productfeedback category on this topic (Email signature image files - #23 by Michael_C_Kring), so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post to consolidate feedback on this topic. Feel free to add your vote on the main thread! :wink:

I think this applies to more than just the images in email replies – the extraneous content included from what you’re replying to really clutters up the chain, too.

Did this get resolved? Postbox app does it well to format the email Headers. Maybe some things you can pick up from them.

With the new integration with office 365, when you search for a task then select the “add email as comment” option it also adds all the email signature images from the email and the entire email chain and all the attachments. This really clutters the import.
At this stage it will still be faster to continue to cut/past our emails, rather then having to go into assana and manually delete all the images we dont need after we have added the comment though Office 365.

Hi @Stephen_van_der_Donk and thanks for your feedback; this is a know issue impacting all tasks created from emails or the Gmail & Outlook add-ons; I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback; I’d recommend taking a look at the tips above, you might find some useful to work around this issue

Sorry @Marie I can see you keep merging threads and suggesting we look at workarounds but this thread just gets longer, and has been around for at least 18 months. Is there any intention for Asana to do anything about this? (and if so, is it likely to be something premium customers will benefit from or will you make that just for business and enterprise?) I work with clients on projects and am reluctant to tell them they have to change the way they email.

@Marie while it is true that all email add-ins have this issue Sendana, www. is the only one that allows you to pick what attachments you want included, the signatures then are easily removed. I am not sure if they are distinguishable from other possible image attachments.

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Hi @Ruth_Newnham and thanks for the mention. I’m merging posts around this topic to consolidate feedback, and highlight the issue to our Product Team. I can’t promise when this will be improved/fixed, but I can ensure you that I’m keeping a close eye on the situation and will keep you posted as soon as I have an update. And since this feature is available to all our users, I see no reasons why we would not fix it for every user :slight_smile:

This forum actually removes signatures. If i reply to a mail sent from this forum. My signature and attached files to it is excluded from the resulting post. I hope this helps your developers fix this issue.

Not always @Michael_C_Kring, I’m editing a lot of threads on a daily basis to remove signatures :slight_smile:

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Hi Marie

You are doing a good job with that forum. It is one element that creates dedicated Asana users.

If you report the threads where auto-editing dosn’t work, I guess it will be helpful to the developers and yourself. Bit by bit they can understand how to eat all signatures. Yummi.

Have a great day.

Thank you so much for your kind words and advice @Michael_C_Kring :+1:t3:

This is driving us MAD on a client’s project who do all comms via email. Not only does each image get attached, but we then get an email notification for each part of the post!

So 1 email with 4 attachment footer images sends us 5 emails.

This along with a lack of private notes in a project are seriously making us consider a move to another platform as we can’t work in such a cluttered way (we’re paying for Asana as well BTW, so not on a free ride!).

Is this going to be fixed?

I have been an Asana user for 7 years, and excited to be able to solve this problem!

If you use our company’s Dossier app ( that syncs client emails to Asana, then files in email signatures are not synced to Asana as attachments. Also, your clients do not receive notifications from Asana. This video shows how it works:

Let me know if you have any questions, and I’d be happy to have our Dossier team answer them.

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Not being able to deselect images when adding an email as a comment to a task renders the Outlook add-in nearly useless for us. Today, many of our team members received 19 (!) notifications because an email added as a comment had lots of images in the signature. Please fix this!

I can deselect image attachments in the Outlook add-in for desktop. Is that what you’re using @jaknudsen?

Thanks @Crystal_Alifanow , the option to deselect when creating tasks is great. I sorely miss the same option when commenting :slight_smile:

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