How to delete attachments from email signature lines


New to the forum and Asana. When I create a task for somebody and that person replies to my comment in Asana via his/her email (Outlook), Asana picks up all the email signature picture attachments from his email. For example, besides the comment, Asana shows that a several files were also attached including our company logo, logo for FB, logo for twitter,…etc because they are all in our signature line. It clutters up Asana and I cannot remove those attachments if I am not the person who replied. I can only delete it if I was the person who sent it via email. Then, I get email notifications for each one of the attachments that Asana picked up. It’s very annoying. Is there a way for me to remedy this besides telling my coworkers to first delete their email signature line before replying to a comment on their email sent from Asana?


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