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Hi all,

Daily we upload a lot of screenshots, think about website bugs or information about how to work something out. It is possible to drag and drop directly in asana tasks, but it is not possible to copy and paste directly in to asana. Copy and paste would be a lot easier and faster to work because you dont have to upload it first to your own computer. In chat programs like whatsapp and slack, wich we use also a lot, it is possible to copy and paste directly.

It would be amazing when it get possible to copy and paste screenshots and pictures directly in to tasks, descriptions and comments!

We hope you can do something with this request! :grin:


Here are two threads discussing this with a plugin to workaround the lack of pasting:


This is a very basic feature that Asana should have had for years. I have almost quite Asana because it was becoming very frustrating, until I found “Asana Paste” Chrome app.


Thanks!!! This makes my (and my collegues) live a bit easier! :wink:

Wiljan De Ruijter

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Thread closed. Refer to same topic here: Paste screenshots / images directly instead of links - #27 by KC_Bolton