Pasting images to Asana glitchy from some sources



Generally pasting images into Asana comments works well and easily.

But I have two cases that don’t that are really frustrating. Images copied from these sources work fine pasting into Gmail and Google Docs etc.

  1. From google image search, click thumbnail, right click image, paste into Asana. It pastes as tag text, but does also attaches as an attachment, that links to the Asana copy of the image.


  1. From AwesomeScreenshot App

(note that it’s not explicit, but ctrl-c copies the annotated image to the clipboard.)

ctrl-v just does nothing, nada. The image is definitely in the clipboard, as I can switch to e.g. Gmail after trying Asana and ctrl-v pastes the copied image as expected.

Note that I’m on Chrome-OS - so the system clipboard may be different to Win or iOS, but Asana is the only app that I’ve really noticed this.


Thanks for taking the time to report this issue @Justin_Maxwell.

I can’t seem to be able to reproduce the issue with MacOS (both Chrome and Safari), so I suspect this is directly related to your OS. We don’t officially support Chrome OS, but I’ve gone ahead and raised the issue with our Development Team; I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update!


Interesting - Is that for both scenarios I described?

I’ll try also on my Linux machine and a Windows PC.

Please let them know I’m happy to assist with diagnostics if needed.