Asana - edit task comments > paste a clipboard image not working.

I use Asana for R&D and in my tasks I create communication comments, mostly accompanied with design images. Once finished, I sent these to colleagues (members). Sometimes I want to edit comments to complete or correct, but it does not allow to add e.g. a forgotten image. Why cann’t I paste a clipboard image in a comment I edit? Can this be introduced please?

Hi @Gerard_Boterman1

Agree this is weird could be a bug…

@Emily_Roman @Marie - Is this a bug or as expected?


Hi @Jason_Woods , to my knowledge it has always been like that. It might be a bug. Editing a previous comment does not allow you to paste an (additional) image from the clipboard, using Ctrl-V

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Hi @Jason_Woods, this is expected behaviour at the moment. I’ll leave this thread in the #product-feedback category so other users can vote for this request.

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That is sad, for what reason? When editing a comment one cannot edit / correct an image? I sure hope this will be corrected in the near future as now we end up with incorrect information. As work around I have to delete the comment and post a new one . . .