We need Asana in arabic, turkish

hello thx i liked it too much
but my team most of them are spanish and some of them are arabic and turkish native so how we can change the language ?
is it multi language ?


Hi @halmi_alam - thanks for your feedback! We’re glad to hear you’d be interested in seeing Asana in these languages. At this time Asana is not offered in the languages you list, but we’ll be interested in considering them as we explore ways to internationalize the product. Thanks!

Hi @Alexis, wouldn’t it be possbible to involve the Asana users in helping to translate the web interface? I think most of us would be happy to contribute - and there exists multiple crowdsourced software to translate Apps, right? I’m waiting now mor than 2 years for a German translation… if I could contribute, I would do it myself, or with the help of others…


Hi @tmg - thank you for your suggestion! You make a good point, since there are many crowdsourced translation apps out there. This is a fun idea and we’ll certainly consider it.

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Hi @Alexis, is there an update in this feature? I also need ASANA in Spanish.

Hi @Ayelen_Heidenreich,
I’m delighted to report we are making progress on internationalizing the Asana product. We aren’t able to speak to specific timelines, but Spanish is something we have prioritized.

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Im very interested that asana is in Spanish.
Please, let me know if I can help.

@Alexis the main reason is clients/vendors are not necessarily comfortable with English (they even might not be comfortable with a new app, like Asana); but indeed the email integration is what makes Asana a reliable communication tool.

So, potential new users are receiving emails for tasks/reminders in a foreign language and that turns them off and that kills the whole idea. When you receive an email in YOUR language you are more prone to give it attention.

So again, it is not just a UI localization issue but an EMAIL localization issue. If you need ES translators we can help.

If it would be possible to translate Asana into Lithuanian, I would like to help.

Hi folks! You may be excited to hear that Asana is now available in Spanish and Portuguese. The full Asana app and website, including the Guide, are fully translated.

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Hi Alexis,

I would like to offer my help to translate Asana app to Hungarian. If you consider this option, please feel free to contact me! :slight_smile:


I am available for Arabic translation.

Hello Alexis,

What is your plans to add Arabic UI?

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Hi @essam_safia! Marie here your Community Manager :wave:t3: I don’t have an update on this topic at the moment, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I do!

Have a great day!

Thank you.

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We are waiting for Turkish Language.
If has got a language file, we can translate for you

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Please add turkish version, or allow us to translate it into Turkish

Hello when asana will support Arabic language please

hi, I Can help with slovenian & italian translation… it would be helpful

This is exactly what is needed. If I am communicating via email in my local language, how will one of my team members living in another country speaking a different language be able to translate that message. You need to integrate language translation within the tasks. .