Will Asana be available in other languages one day?



Active user of Asana in Europe, language can be a barrier. Will Asana ever be translated in French ?



Hi Paul,

Thanks for asking! Asana is currently working toward internationalizing our product. We aren’t able to provide a specific timeline, but we hope to provide updates in the near future. Glad this is something you’re interested in!



Don´t forget your Swedish friends… :wink:


Bonjour @Paul_Stasse - French is now good to go!

@Johan_Welander We’re working on it…!


Hi everybody! I just download the app and it’s only in French! You can I switch to English please? Thank you!


Great news!


Merci this is great news :wink: and will help us frenchies

Be Green, keep it on screen !


How about Asian friends:wink:
We are looking forward to using Asana in Japanese!

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.


Asana en Español !!! por favor.


Shout out for Norwegian here for my colleagues. :slight_smile: