Translate Asana into Italian

Hi, I’m a user asana premium, I d like to know when you translate asana to Italian, and my team and I would be willing to betray you for your sake.
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Ciao @NELLO_STABILE! Asana is already available in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese! We’re planning to translate it in more languages in the future; I don’t have any precise timeline to share at the moment, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted when it becomes available in Italian :slight_smile:

Ps: I suspect you wrote “Tradirre” instead of “Traddure” in Google translate :wink:

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Hi, i’m asana user. Any news about italian version?

Hello, I am an Asana user as well. In my company although we are not using asana coz none of my colleagues speak English. It would be perfect to have it in Italian and I am sure 100% we would all have Premium Accounts.

Hi, our society trying Asana, but many colleague wants to use it in italian.
Can we help you to translate it in italian language?


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Hi, we’re a New York company doing business in Italy. It would be great to have Asana available in Italian since so many companies are now WFH post-COVID. Thanks for your consideration.

Any news about italian language, please?
I have several customers who still prefer software entirely in italian.
Unfortunately without the possibility to choose italian i would have to choose other solutions.

Many thanks.

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HI @Andrea_Michielin, that’s not in our near term plans, but definitely something we will continue to explore in the future. We’ll keep you posted here when we have an update!

HI @Marie Christmas is coming…It would be great if you could make our italian dream come true! :upside_down_face:


Please #translate!

Closing this thread as Asana is available in Italian since June 2021 Asana Now Available in Korean, Swedish, and Italian - The Asana Blog