Do you plan to offer Asana natively in Japanese?


I work with a team of Japanese people and although the system works fine it would be so great to have the UI natively running in Japanese. Is this something you plan to offer? If so, is there a timeline on this?

Thank you

Hi Seth! Somehow this question got overlooked – have you seen that we released a small portion of our website in Japanese (チームの仕事、プロジェクト、タスクをオンライン管理 • Asana – if you’re logged in, go to チームの仕事、プロジェクト、タスクをオンライン管理 • Asana)? You can also change the language in the app, though it’s in Beta at the moment.

Instructions on how to change language: Asana is Now Available in 2 New Languages: French and German

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