Asana Release Notes July 2019

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Please find below our latest Release Notes:

Improved your path to purchase : You can now buy a Premium or Business plan immediately on signup on

Updated Custom Fields : We updated custom fields! You can now create a field for tracking in a single project, or add to/choose from fields in your organization’s library so anyone can use it.

New header and toolbar : To make it easier to find your filter, sort, and fields menus across your project views, we’ve updated the page headers and added a new toolbar.

Learn Asana in your own language : Now learn Asana basics in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Japanese on Asana Academy. Learn Asana In Your Language.

As usual, if you have any question, feel free to comment below!

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Thanks so much for the updates.

I have a client that is really strongly hoping to expand Asana to his China-based division. Are there any plans in the foreseeable future to provide support for Mandarin Chinese?

Hi @Bry_ProjectKickstart :wave:

Asana is already available in English, French, German, Portuguese Spanish and Japanese and we are always looking into implement new languages. I don’t have any precise timeline to share at the moment, but we’ll make sure to keep you posted in the Forum and the Release Notes when we it becomes available in Mandarin Chinese.

Have a great day!!


Thanks for the quick reply. I’m stoked that it’s available in all those languages!
Unfortunately, that hasn’t been much of a selling point to those who speak only Chinese. :wink:

I know you don’t have a timeline, but are you allowed to say whether it’s even on the radar? Whether it’s in the current plans? Whether it’s being worked on? If it’s being worked on but might be 6-12 months, I think they’ll wait. If it’s not currently being worked on, they are going to need a different project management tool.

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Hi @Bry_ProjectKickstart :wave:

Unfortunately, I’m not able to disclose our Roadmap publicly (you can learn why in this post); I’m afraid I don’t have more info to share today, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update regarding Asana being available in Chinese-Mandarin

Have a great Friday!

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For the record, I can’t access that post:

Hi there, i love the custom fields but if I try to colour code them after the project has been created, the colour of the task will change on the calendar mode rather than just creating the little squares of colour on the right of the task which makes it very confusing. Also we need more colours for project please! I am now doubling up on project colours which isn’t very usable. Other than that loving Asana :slight_smile:

Sorry about the inconvenient @Bry_ProjectKickstart!

At this time we do not share a specific roadmap with specific deadlines. We genuinely want our features to be high quality and sometimes that means planning flexibility into our deadlines. We don’t publish a roadmap of product features and deadlines to allow us the flexibility to make the highest quality product we can for our users. You can learn more about all of the most recent updates that have been made to Asana in our Release Notes and the Asana Blog.

I hope this helps! Have a great Monday!

Hi @Carly_Deards, welcome to the Community Forum!

When you create a task and add custom fields, the task will have the colour of the first “Custom Field” you added and and little squares with the project colour and other fields. I can easily understand your point and how it could improve Asana. I have gone ahead and noted your report for our Product Team.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! Let me know if you have any questions.

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@Natalia - Thanks for your reply. But, I was simply talking about the post you referred me to. Here’s your response:

The post that you link to is one that I can’t access (the one where you say "you can learn why in this post). It comes up with the screenshot I gave you that says I don’t have access to that post. That’s my point. I’m trying to figure out what post you were trying to refer me to, because it isn’t viewable.

Here’s a screen recording of what happens when I try to click on it: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Hi @Bry_ProjectKickstart.

I’m sorry about all the confusion here @Bry_ProjectKickstart! I have realised you can’t access to the post I referred you to so I’ve gone ahead and copied the answer here:

Apologies again for the inconvenient! Please, let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

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Hi! Do u have any plans Asana - GitHub/GitLab integration?

Hi there, we would love to contribute if you guys need any help with the Chinese translation.