Want to use "date is approaching" and "task is overdue" as triggers for subtasks

I got really excited when I saw a rule trigger for “Due date is approaching” and “Task is Overdue” as this would be very useful for our creative services workflow (here’s a link to a forum post announcing this features: New triggers for Rules: “Due date is approaching” and “Task is Overdue”) However, I was very disappointed that when I used the drop-down to enable the rule to work for subtasks as well, I saw that these two triggers (and only these two triggers) are greyed out and have an error message saying they “only work on tasks.”

Why is this?? Subtasks have due dates just as tasks do, so why can’t we use the same rules? For specifics, we are hoping to create a rule for subtasks that when they are overdue, a comment is added that alerts the person and tells them to update the date or provide a written update about why it’s not complete.


Agreed. The rule trigger is essentially useless without the addition of sub tasks. Certain people are owners of certain sub tasks, and if they can’t set triggers for due dates, then the entire rule trigger serves little purpose.

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