Allow "Task is Overdue" trigger to work for completed tasks

Currently, in Rules within the Triggers menu under the “Task Timing” section there are only three types of triggers: Task is no longer blocked, Due Date is approaching, and Task is overdue. The request is to add a fourth trigger type for “Task is completed.” The requested “Task is Completed” trigger would allow you to trigger a rule after X period of time from the date/timestamp of a task being completed.

The existing trigger for “Tasks is overdue” only functions for incomplete tasks, so it cannot be manipulated to serve the same function as the above requested functionality.

The use case: A client wanted to create a project for her executive leadership that multi-homed tasks from across a series of projects within their organization. Within this new leadership project, they wanted the tasks to be placed into Sections based on 1) Tasks that will be completed within the coming 2-weeks, 2) Tasks that are overdue, and 3) Tasks that were completed within the past 2-weeks. The goal was to minimize the number of clicks for the leadership team in order to see the details of those 3 sections. We could accomplish #1 and #2 with existing rules. However, there is currently no option to build a rule to move a task based on the a time period since it was marked complete. There is the option to apply a filter to the project (completed on: past 14 days), but this filter applies to all tasks within the project, not just 1 section.

The date/time of task completion is a tracked field within Asana (as is displayed by a default option to filter based on Task Completed On). The request is to be able to leverage it within the Rules functionality.


I have a same use case where we need to have a board of tasks completed for the week and then all the all the other tasks completed by the team (greater than the week)

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Andrew_Cramer! I investigated this further, and the "Task is Overdue "and “Due date is approaching triggers” only work for incomplete tasks. I willl let you know if we have any news in the future!

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Great feedback @Andrew_Cramer
I have a feeling that as Asana started rolling out the meta data into custom fields, they will be included in the triggers of rules. Of course this is a hunch and I can be proven wrong.

Feedback upvoted.

any updates regarding this feature request?

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Thank you for the comment @Yoni_Sidi, No update yet I’m afraid. Will come back if we have any news on it :slight_smile: