Visibility of all Recurring tasks

Wow - I can’t believe this still isn;t an option. I can’t move forward with Asana without this.

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This is also the #1 request I’d have from Asana, and a major blocker. When I do my monthly and quarterly planning, it’s massively prohibitive that I can’t see the recurring tasks on my calendar. It prevents me from being able to accurately scope projects in the future because I can’t really see what my workload is on any given future work date.

This feature is so critical that I’m now wondering if I need to switch away from Asana only for this feature, found elsewhere. I’d sincerely hate to do that, since I’ve been a loyal user for years and sincerely think most other features are best-in-class. I just thought I’d chime in to support prioritizing this feature since I think it’s so crucial!

PS: If there’s a reason why the Asana team believes that some people wouldn’t want recurring tasks to appear on a calendar - which I can’t personally think of off the top of my head - then maybe there’s an option to toggle future recurring tasks off, the way you can choose to show or hide multi-day events on the calendar.

This is a feature that would be extremely helpful in planning for the Future days on the Calendar. Surprised this has not been fixed yet. A simple toggle to show or not show recurring events on calendar would suffice for ones that did not want recurring events shown on everyday.


Please, Asana, include the ability to see recurring tasks for at least a year on workload. We paid more to be able to make informed decisions about our staff workload through Portfolios. Do we need to hire more people? Can we take on more projects? But I now realize that the data is absent if recurring tasks don’t present as future work that needs to be completed. I now need to make upwards of 52 duplicate tasks every time I have a weekly recurring task just so we have this workload representation. If the goal of recurring tasks is efficiency, this is not accomplishing that goal. PLEASE HELP!

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I’m the 365th person requesting this feature. It makes it impossible plan a yearly calendar if the recurring tasks only show for the first instance then move to the next month when the task is completed. PLEASE adjust Asana so all recurring tasks show. What is the use of an invisible task when creating a plan? Not going each task goes against what Asana stands for and makes it clumsy and extremely difficult to use.

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This option would be highly useful. We really need this. Can Asana please prioritize this or let us know what is holding back this feature?

Agree. A bit of research shows that people have been requesting this obvious feature for years now. It doesn’t exactly seem like the most daunting coding job for the Asana team to add this, so I have no idea what the hold up is.

Catching up on this very long thread. I also really want this feature. Couldn’t there be an option when setting the recurrence for whether or not to show all occurences?


At the moment @Katy_Kiefer it does not exist in Asana, that’s why I created my tool.

I really need this feature too! First question about this was in 2017… How long should it take?

Has anyone used this yet? I would like to try it, but I would like to see how it works first.

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How can it be that this feature so requested since 2017 isn’t implemented… what a shame.


Be nice to Asana show the reoccuring tasks this on graphs and workload too

Absolutely should be able to create a recurring task that auto populates the calendar with all instances - as everyone is asking for.

@Kaitie Has there been any update on this, or inclusion of this suggested feature in an update of Asana?

How do you plan ahead when you cannot see reoccurring tasks…?! Suggestions please…