Visibility of all Recurring tasks

hey guys, i have the same problem but i found a solution if you don’t mind google calendars. Click on my tasks tab. Next to “my tabs” click the drop down menu and click sync to calendar. it will give you a URL. copy it and head to your google calendar and find where it says other calendars. Click that and click "from URL. paste the URL and it will sync. You still have to go in and change the reoccurring task to what you want but google changes it as far out as you want it too. Shame Asana makes us do so much extra work!!

Is it a one-time sync at that period of time or will Google Calendar autosync when you update Asana?

it looks like it will autosync

How is this supposed to work? Asana would not sync back to its taks from google?

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yeah like i said, its extra work but for me I have to have reoccurring calendar events. Not a perfect solution by far but Im actually able to see my whole schedule now toggling back and forth from asana and google calendars.

In case this is of assistance to anyone struggling with this issue, here’s my workaround, which solves for seeing a weekly recurring task for four weeks at a time (without using Google Calendar):

  1. in your project, create the first occurance of a task
  2. set the task to recur on a customized basis of every four weeks
  3. now duplicate the task three times and update the dates for each to be on consecutive weeks
  4. now you have four weeks of recurring tasks set up

If you are tracking something like recurring tasks for workload purposes across a large team, there’s a quick way for duplicating tasks across the team, watch this video starting at the 3 minute mark: 💥 5 Quick Asana Tricks (That you probably didn't know!) - #4 by Angela_McLaughlin


6 years and this still hasn’t been done.
I do not understand not providing this quality of life enhancement. It’s a basic function of planning on a calendar, physical or digital.

A great fix for the ASANA TEAM here is create an option to set recurring tasks for ONLY CALENDAR UNTIL X-MANY DAYS PRIOR, therefore eliminating the problem (and excuse) of filling up tasks in other views.

Adding this feature would be immensely valuable to your clients and give people yet another reason to use the app and be more inclined to pay for it as well.

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Same frustration here. I would imagine Asana has lost a lot of users as a result of this. Is this not possible even in the paid plan? It is impossible to get organized and do time blocking without it, so I will try to find another solution if not.


Wanted to bump this issue as well. Maybe if it hits 400 comments it’ll get a look by Asana. Also having the ability to change attributes (Different assignee’s) for each instance.


Adding my vote! Really important for scheduling to see what’s ahead.

Yes, need this feature ASAP! My work uses Asana and I wish we could use something else for this reason alone!!

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I need this function for weekly content planning. Six years of runaround from Asana ‘community manager’ without any real insight to whether or not they will take this request seriously. Interrupting the workflow provides more clutter than a comprehensive list of upcoming tasks. Any developments from the last update we received?

Wow, I see this was first highlighted as an issue in 2017. This is very concerning that Asana still hasn’t addressed such a basic issue. Yes, It would flood the tasks list, but there should be a way to view repeating tasks in the calendar view only.

I wonder if it takes Asana 6 years to action all requests for upgrades to the system by the users??? Not ideal.

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I would also like this feature added. If not then I don’t see myself using Asana in the long run. Thanks!

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Not really sure if votes or comments mean anything given that this has been requested since 2017, but this feature is incredibly important. Can we please get an update? When planning content this is of vital importance.

Since Asana team decided not to fix the issue (Visibility of all Recurring tasks on calendar view) I think it is time to look for another productivity tool. Is there anyone recommend a better productivity tool?

I know it has been suggested many times before, but the fact that you cannot create an option to show all recurring tasks (instead of waiting until the previous one is completed) is ridiculous. This has been requested for years now and no effort has been made to fix. I will be using Google Calendar for my team until this is fixed.

+1 to this idea - just trying asana now but wont be purchasing premium if a very basic function like showing recurring tasks on a calendar can’t be implemented after 6 YEARS of being requested by the community. Bonkers

I’m also up-voting this feature. Even if there is a personalized option to toggle on/off all recurring tasks. It makes planning and resourcing nearly impossible when we can’t see these things that happen on a regular cadence. Could we get an update on where this feature is on the Asana Roadmap?

Adding my vote for this feature. I just started using Asana and loved it until I got to recurring tasks. Because I can’t see my monthly recurring tasks in the timeline or calendar, I need to find a new tool .