Video Production Workflows?

Hi all! I’m curious if anyone has any use cases or ideas for content production (specifically video)?

Essentially, a production department that is broken into individual components:

  • Producers & Editors
  • Strategy
  • Community/Operations

Standard workflows/questions would be along the lines of:

  • The flow/life of a video from brainstorm, planning, producing, editing, and distribution
  • High-level oversight of this

I can answer a lot of these given my experience (we have existing processes), but I’m curious to see if any others out there in the community do this and could provide examples?

My main issues are:

  • Brainstorming isn’t currently something we do at all in Asana, and I think it would be valuable, but it’s still very much in ‘write it on the whiteboard’ style - which is great, but for ongoing (not meeting-based) brainstorms?
  • Handling complex sign offs
  • Distribution/execution workflows

I know it’s a bit vague, but I’m just looking to see if anyone has any good material or use cases to investigate (even if it’s not in Asana, I can adapt it)!


Great question @Caisha! I’ll be interested to see any responses.

We don’t produce videos in-house but the video we work with a 3rd party to produce for our gala has to be broken down into several mini-videos and has to tie deeply into our program. So we generally storyboard out that video along with filming locations and times. I’d be interested to see if there is any benefit to using Asana for these productions.

Hi @Caisha! Fun question.

You may have seen our how to Asana videos. Our team uses a board with columns:

  • Scripting
  • Screencasting
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Feedback
  • Done
  • Final Files

You might want to use this same board process or you could do something similar with list view and sections. For brainstorming, you could start the board with a “Brainstorming” column. You might assign cards to individuals inviting them to brainstorm. Or you could create a new card for each new date - ex. “Brainstorm for January Video” and assign subtasks for brainstorming, or just invite people to put ideas in the description of the task. I’ve done both of these (subtasks and description) for brainstorming and they both work well.

For Sign Offs, you might want to create a “Sign Offs” column, as well. If you have a consistent process, you could create a template for sign offs including subtasks for each individual in the sign off process. We’ll often do this and call them “Review” tasks.

Let us know if you have follow up questions!

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@Caisha did you find something that works? This is a similar area I’ve been tweaking for several months now and would be interested to hear what’s working well for you. I created a Video list template that I duplicate for each project. It hasn’t been as effective as I had hoped because projects vary greatly.

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Hey @Alexis! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your boards layout so we can get a feel for how you have it setup? It’d be really helpful for me.

We have a board titled “Video Production” where each column is a step in the production process. Example of our columns:
Video in Editing Process
In Drive, Sent to Team for Approval
Team Approved, Sent to Client
Client Approved, Transcribe Video
Transcribed, Add to Hosting Site
Etc Etc
It goes on for 5 or 6 more columns until everything has been shared, and then is finally closed out! Each task requires manual re-assignment when it gets moved to a new column, but it’s a pretty good process! @Caisha


This blog post by Asana, in which they touch on video production, made me think of this thread.


Hey guys,
I have been working on exactly this topic. I am running a video production company and needed some way to streamline our workflow. I have tried many different project management tools but Asana is definitely the most solid, functional and customizable! I attached a screenshot of how we set up our board and would love to get any feedback or ideas for improvement. I hope this might help others trying to use Asana for video production.



This is great. Thanks for sharing.

I think we could mutually benefit from a conversation. I am a director/producer at a local TV Station and we use Asana primary for video production workflows.


Hi everyone - late response but I’m just now getting into optimizing our video management setup. We actually prefer to keep ours a little more high-level so instead of a board for each video, we have one board that is all our video projects, and each ‘card’ (task) is actually a video. Inside that task/card I have a few checklist items that form the subtasks of the video. Does anyone else do this? My experience with Asana is that if you get too granular, you end up with a production team that has 100s of boards to look at, and subtasks going down rabbit holes for days… curious to know if anyone else works like this? The other reason for it is that we use Slack to have the back n forth chat about video edits etc, as the asana comment section is so cluttered with system messages and ordered from oldest to newest, it does not lend well to ongoing comments.

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Hey @Stacey_Wiemers. I’m new to Asana and have just found your post. I run a video production company and am looking for the most productive way to mange individual videos projects, but with the overview of all those projects you outlined in your post.

Would it be possible for you to share a screen shots of how you have organised this in Asana?

Also is there a way to setup slack so it integrates with individual projects and tasks in Asana?

Thanks for taking the time to read this :slight_smile:

I would also love to see this board and video. I’m also in need of some guidance

Hey Everyone. I’ve read through the thread and my question is in what way are you using the workflow? As a stand-alone board or is it integrated into some other solution/interface. I’m working at a company that provides solutions for video QC and we’re considering integrating Asana as a workflow tool. My question is - would that even make sense?!


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