Best Practices for Video Production Teams


I am responsible for the ongoing improvements and iteration for a group of video producers utilizing Asana. Some weeks are in the studio, some weeks are in deep work on post production, but there are always a lot of moving pieces. While I think we’ve found a really strong process, which I can share further details if others are interested, I’d love to get a sense of common challenges (and identified solutions) for increasing the productivity + effectiveness of communication for video producers specifically.


Hi Matt,

I’m interested in how you set up your process with your video producers. Happy to share what’s bene working/not working for our internal agency utilizing Asana as well!


Hi Matt!

I’m a seasoned post producer new to Asana and would love to hear about how you’re integrating post production workflow into the Asana app! Let me know how we can connect further. Thanks!

Hey Lauren! Happy to connect on this. What made this particular scenario interesting, likely not anything abnormal within the industry, was how to best leverage Asana alongside Dropbox (media management), Drive (resource/process storage), and Slack (time-sensitive comms and meeting documentation). I’ll get more into that on a second reply.

What this lead to was utilizing two things quite heavily - largely for pre, and I’ll include while I’m at it on this thread perhaps for others reading who may want to know, or if it helps spark an idea for you. Firstly, a video request form to be used internally within the company, to submit a request when any video was requested. This includes long-form, new shoots, as well as social cutdowns or re-cuts of existing content for varying purposes. From there, those projects were triaged as parents tasks, and moved through the categories for Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, Ingestion, Merchandising, and Marketing.

The second valuable feature was, for ‘always on’ content which the team was driving, rather than requests from others, using template tasks with the standard subtasks, assignees, etc. filled out. So, if you know that these xx steps will always take place in prep of a shoot, and this person always owns this one thing, for example, a template task can save a lot of time depending on volume of videos.

In terms of post-production specifically, this is where automations (platforms like Make/previously Integrately, Zapier, etc.) are really helpful, as depending on how many stakeholders you have in your work, and if they are added to your Asana board(s) or not, automated notifications when certain stages are hit or tasks are complete is a really nice way to keep things moving and limit your clicks.

What does your standard post project look like, if I may ask? A bit of info could help me provide some suggestions for you. Hope this helps as a start, and good luck!