Version control on Projects, so you can restore old states.

I manage my roadmap in Asana with multiple team members having access to adjust priorities. It would be great to have version control and track changes in a single location. And have the ability to open old versions of a project and restore if necessary.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Peter_Haller! You can currently find the history of changes on the tasks and see the previous version under the “Show original” option.

Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 09.01.25

We don’t have immediate plans to implement this feature for the entire project but I’ll keep you updated if we have any news in the future!

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I need to know, how can I retrieve the old version of Projects, tasks and forms.
The challenge faced is that a user changes / deletes a field in a form or a task in a project and I am not able to roll back to previous version or see who made the changes.