Ability to Restore a Previous Version of a Form

I had a user accidentally edit a form in a project and since there’s no restore function, I have to edit it manually and try to remember what was changed to get it back to the way it was. It would be great if there was an auto-versioning function that we could restore to if a mistaken change was made.

Great feedback @pdmcdermott, thank you so much for sharing! I don’t believe this is planned just yet, but definitely something we’ll keep in mind as we continue toward improving forms!

I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have some news on my end :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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What i would very much like, is that we provide users with different level of user rights.
If we disable 'Forms right" from a user, they should not be able to see the Form tab OR edit the Form at all.

Current user rights are: “Can Edit” OR “Can Comment”.

It would have been great if we had these User rights: “Can Modify”, “Can Delete”, “Can View”, "Can Comment"

Can View (Level 0 rights) - User in the project can see everything. Cannot Add a new task, cannot edit tasks, forms, rules, custom fields. They can only view

Can Comment (Level 1 rights) - Can view the entire project and can only add “Comments” to a task. These users cannot add tasks, edit tasks, cannot add form fields, cannot edit existing form fields

Can Modify (Level 2 rights) - Can add tasks, can modify forms by existing form name, title, description, associated fields, etc. but cannot delete existing form fields, can add comment, but cannot delete comments. can add tasks and deleted the tasks they created, but cannot delete tasks created by others.

Can Delete (Level 3 rights) - Is a super user, Can Add, Modify OR Delete anything in the project. Only the Project Owner, Asana Admin, OR other users that have Delete rights, should be able to provide other users with the ‘Delete’ rights.

Kindly let me know your thoughts and if there is such a development in pipeline?




Thanks for sharing your vision @Vaibhav_Khatri! I’ll share it with our team to consider for future updates!