Restrictions on Form Edits & Deletions

Hello, my organization uses forms for project intake and we have links to these forms embedded in tip sheets, our intranet, in guidance emails and a number of other places. However, there is nothing preventing users with editing access in any given project from inadvertently editing a form or even completely deleting it. We can re-create the forms of course, but then we have to find all the existing links that no longer work and replace them with the link to the new form.

We really need a way for project admins to restrict members of a project from editing or removing forms, and/or a way to restore forms (or prior versions of them, in the case of edits).

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It exactly happened to us a few weeks ago (complete delete of a form). Unfortunately, it was quite a complicated and heavily branched form. Fortunately, Asana support helps me restore the form.


I take it the ‘can comment’ only option won’t work for you?

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That’s right, Danielle. We have a group of people who need the ability to create/remove tasks, edit fields in tasks, and otherwise progress them through our workflow, so making these users or the entire project “comment-only” won’t work for us.

Interestingly enough, I can create a Field to share in projects across my entire organization and lock it down so that only I can edit the Field, but this is not (yet) possible in Forms. That would be the ideal solution here, or perhaps applying the new Team Admins feature down to the Project level and restricting Form edits only to Team or Project Admins.

Yeah I can see the need for sure!

Just checking you know that with ‘comment only’ they will get full functionality if they are assigned the task.

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I second the need for this option! We use a project template for tracking employee Time Off and some of our employees are more tech-saavy than others. They need to edit the project (i.e. tasks related to their time off) but when they go to submit a time off request via Workflow forms, many users are accidentally writing over the forms. It would be ideal if the form defaulted to a “View Form” mode when you click it from Workflow. If someone needed to edit it, you could click a button. In other words, could you switch the view and edit defaults?

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this is would be amazing. Someone is constantly writing over the form.

Curious if there’s any progress on this? Or any future plans to set forms as “View” by default?

Hi @Jan_Rajdl Asana Support told us they could not restore forms. Can you tell me who helped you? It feels like a crap shoot when one submits a help ticket. We didn’t hear for days. And when we received the response, he specifically said they cannot restore forms. The solution he suggested didn’t even come close to resolving our issue.

Hmm, it’s strange. The person who helped me was Jahi. I guess that the possibility depends on what you really need to restore. I just needed to restore the form because of the complexity of branches and the number of questions, rules, etc. I had a complete URL and the URL of the target project and it was it.