Cannot save or recover a form

At the moment there is no option to save a form within a project. So when someone makes undesired changes or completely deletes the form, all your hard work is gone. In some cases, we have very complex forms and it can take up to more than an hour to set it up again. Is this something we can expect to see released in the upcoming months?

Good point, you need to duplicate those projects on a regular basis for safe keeping :sweat_smile:

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Yeah would be great to have. There is a workaround now to set up a project where you only put a few members in that can work on the form itself. Then when a submitter submits the forms you can set up a rule for that project to directly send the task to the project you initially wanted to set up the form for and where the task needs to be picked up. In this way users cannot adjust or delete it, and taks will still be generated.

But of course it is a workaround and not really a perfect or clean one. So having the option to just save or restore would be way better and makes this feature far more complete.

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