Using asana to order an item via email

Hello Asana community. I am trying to automate a process and wanted to know if you guys have any tips on how to accomplish this. have a task in my preconstruction template that is called “Order Tree Report” . The person completing this task has to email a request to complete a tree report to our vendor - the vendor needs the address and a due date for the report.

I would like there to be an automated solution within this task - when triggered I want to send a custom prepopulated email to our vendor and order this tree report for that particular project.

This automation or rule only needs to apply to this task in the project - I was wondering if you had any ideas on how to do this ? Open to using zapier, forms or flosana. The same template would have other items that would need similar triggers to notify different third party vendors of items we need or followup on the same items. We don’t foresee how these third party stake holders would be part of asana so we want to create an email based solution instead of adding them to the project.

I know we cannot automate a single task so I had an idea to have a link to a form in the task description and the form could be used to populate information like the address and deadline and it goes out to the vendor when you hit send. Just want to make the ordering process simple and consistent.

I would appreciate any thoughts you have with this request.

I haven’t ever done this…so take with a grain of salt :slight_smile:

I would think you could multihome that one task into another project that holds only this task (or the tasks that need this rule). Add the field that is a trigger to the library, which allows you to add it to the new project you made. Create the email rule in the new project so it will only work on the tasks in that project-- which are just the tasks you want the rule on. Sharing the custom field to both projects allows the custom field to trigger in the original project but will run the rule in the new project.