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Our clients place orders on our woo commerce site. Currently, the invoice generated for the client is sent via email to our project manager-- this is his trigger to create a project associated with the customer order in Asana.

We’d love to be able to have these emails from Woo Commerce send to a specific Asana project that the PM manages for tracking/reporting purposes. I thought this would be easy to accomplish with the “Import Email function” that gives you a project specific email to add tasks with:

However, it looks like the sender needs to be part of the workspace to be able to use this (which Woo Commerce is the sender using their domain not ours)? Any workarounds to this?

Hi @b_free ,

Have you considered setting up an inbox in your mail server with the specific purpose of forwarding them to an Asana project as tasks? Downside here is: more maintenance within your mail server, consumes an extra Asana license.

If the invoices are currently already getting emailed to a specific PM anyway, you could consider just having them set up a rule in their email client to forward any inbound emails from Woo Commerce to Asana (same process as in the link above).

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