Using Asana to manage client work



I’ve worked with dozens of customers who use Asana to manage their own clients, and it’s key to implement a good structure to keeping everything organized for this. Fiona Benjamin recently wrote about this here: and we’ve done a webinar with the founder of Crema here:

Has anyone else found another good system for managing clients in Asana?

If so, do you invite clients in to Asana to collaborate with you?

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I teach on lesson on this in the Asana Training Masterclass. My approach is to use individual projects to manage clients. That way you can potentially even invite them into that project as a place to get information from them and ask questions and vice versa. It also helps them know what’s being accomplished and when. I think this works well for Virtual Assistants especially.

In some cases, this might be TMI and so you could have a second project for more of your team’s tasks. I think the biggest factors for how you set up are how many clients you’re regularly serving at one time and how long the engagements last.


The links here seem to be broken. Would love to learn more about options for managing multiple clients in Asana (we have around 25). Any chance the webinar and the article by Fiona Benjamin are still around but at a different link?