Virtual Assistants who use Asana?

Hi! My name is Meagan and I am looking to talk to Virtual Assistants who use Asana with their clients. I am a VA currently using Asana with mine and am looking to hear experiences from those who have as well.


Hi @Meagan_Roppo, Let’s bring this back to the top of the Community and see if anyone has suggestions. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, we have lots of consultants who use Asana, and their use cases may apply to your work. I suggest that you take a look at some of our content on consulting (see below) and let us know if you have questions.


I am now working with 4 virtual assistants all around the world using only Asana to communicate! And I am happy to introduce them to you if you need some assistance with administrative tasks!


Bastien, I’m looking for a part-time VA who is familiar with Asana and would be delighted to inquire with the 4 you referenced if you’re still willing to share.

I now have a full team of virtual assistants working in Asana for many clients: iDO Tools - Improve Asana with our tools and automations
I have sent a private message to discuss your needs.

Hi there, any tips of best practices for working with your VA’s on asana?

Just follow the best practices: be clear and explicit, define a due date. For VAs specifically, make sure to give them a max time to do a task, e.g. “Do spend more than 1h on this or call me”. I could show you how I manage them if you want, email me

Hey there! I work as Project Manager to a Digital Marketing Agency (been working as one for almost 2 months now). I am fairly new to this role and my client would like to know how we can provide each task an estimated time to work. I am not entirely sure what to do with this as they vary everytime. There are times when we needed more leads to generate for example. How do you manage to do it? Do we have to do averaging? Any recommendations are very welcome!

You can have a custom field with estimated time + max time?

Iam Logan. We provide a virtual assistant service provider.

Alexis, I’m trying to restrict guests from showing up as ‘auto-fill’ across the entire organization. I even tried removing one from the organization as a guest and they are still showing up. It looks like there was a thread a few years back and not sure if this is fixed Guest permissions

Did you really deprovision them from the admin console? Because if you did I am 99% sure that would hide them.

Yes can you introduce me?


My post is a bit old, the assistants we have now are not available for other clients :slight_smile:

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