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Hi everybody,
I’m new to Asana and want to fully integrate it in my company. From the development team to support and sales.

For now i’m curious about how i can streamline my client reporting workflow. I see we can do some “status updates”, and my team + guest accounts (client) get an nice a-mail update. But what i really want, is to show my client the status of which tasks are done and which are open.

Is there any way to do this in Asana?

Or are there better ways to automate the client reporting workflow within Asana besides the “status updates”?

Thank you in advanced,

  • Fabian Krieger

Each Project has a dashboard which shows done tasks over created tasks. This maybe sufficient otherwise you can export too Google sheets.


Jason, Thank you for your reply. Good options.

But what I’m looking for is an professional looking and automated email. For my team members and clients to receive

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@Fabian_Krieger If you are working on a PC and subject to the constraints in the thread I made this available to the Community CSV To Asana Simple List Generator- My Gift To Community - #24 by James_Carl PDF of course can be emailed from your PDF program. Not authomated but it was at least free :slight_smile:

That’s awesome man! To bad I’m on a apple computer. Any more solutions? :smiley:

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I can get you a price for Apple. Probably less than $200. Plus I am having him add custom fields and a way to keep track of estimated versus actual time through custom fields. See if anybody else wants to share cost and you could get for cheap.

Do you have an example of what it would look like? Screenshot or sketch maybe?

If you look at the thread I sent you, it has the instructions, the input page and the results. I would expect the Apple version to look the same. CSV To Asana Simple List Generator- My Gift To Community I did cut out the yellow.

Allright. Let me think about it :slight_smile: I’m quite new to asana so i have much to think about and learn about this progress.

Thank you for your information.

Hi @Fabian_Krieger. Welcome to the Asana Community! If you’d like to show your client the status of which tasks are done and which are open, I suggest a few things:

  • Save the “All Tasks” view for your relevant client project(s). When clients visit the project, they’ll see all tasks that have been completed and all tasks left to be completed. In this example you can see the contrast between a complete and incomplete task in the yellow box:

  • Conduct an advanced search for all complete and incomplete tasks in your client projects, save the search, and encourage your clients to save it as well. In the example below you’ll notice the option to sort the results and also the option to click the star to favorite the search. When you favorite the search it will appear in your sidebar.

  • Other recommended reporting tools

Let us know if you have follow up questions!

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Alexis, thank you for the info! For now it’s oke, but i’m still looking for a way that i can report the client with 1 button. Or that i can e-mail the search results in a professional looking layout.



I am working on a solution to turn any Asana project into a webpage you can share with clients for example, the webpage being always up-to-date with the project and fully customizable in terms of design. Maybe you would like to have a look?



Bastien, allright, sounds cool. Where can i take a look? :+1:
I am available if you have any question.


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