Using a rule to create a subtask that will act as a blocker.

Hello. I’m trying to set up a rule so that when a task reaches a certain column in my board, a subtask is created with dependencies set so that said subtask will block the master task from being completed until the subtask is complete.
I’ve found some documentation that makes me think this should be possible, however when I create the subtask action and go to edit it, there’s no dependency field (see screenshot).

For further reference, here’s a link to the knowledge base page that makes me think this is possible: Rules • Asana Product Guide

Hi @Adam_Berlingeri and welcome to the forum!

Yeah, that screenshot in the Asana Guide is not accurate and should be updated (I posted a note to that effect for the forum moderators); dependencies are not currently supported in the Add Subtasks rule action.

You can vote for that enhancement here: Support Dependencies and the ability to multi-home task in "Add Subtasks" Rule

Also FYI, our Flowsana integration has an Add Subtasks rule action which does support setting a dependency between the template subtask(s) and the parent task under which they’re being added; it’s discussed in our Help here.

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I have a feeling that we are narrowly missing new feature announcement! There is a chance that screenshots were made out of a newer (alpha) version of Asana in use at Asana itself.

@Adam_Berlingeri, let’s wait a couple of months and hope that the feature will land in beta/production version of Asana soon as well.

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BTW, there is “Product Feedback” feature request that explicitly requested Subtasks created by the rules to be able to have dependencies:

Leave your vote there and that potentially can have additional resources dedicated to feature testing/deployment.

Thanks Phil for the quick response. Not to sound salty, but I wouldn’t call “the guide is wrong” and “you can spend more money on an additional platform” a solution. I’ve upvoted that product feedback page as suggested, but it looks like there are several threads asking for the same functionality, some of which are going back to 2019. Is there any way to find out if this is on a roadmap at present?


I totally understand where you’re coming from. And of course the Product Feedback area is for this purpose of registering one’s desire for a change and not the status quo.

Regarding the roadmap question, Asana has a policy of not commenting on unreleased features so alas there’s no answer to be had to that question. They do listen to feedback, though. You can read the details about the roadmap and feedback here:

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