Allow subtask created by rule to block parent task

It would be very useful if, when using a rule to create subtasks, there was an option to set the new subtask to block its parent task.

For example, I have an intake project where my team’s job tickets are created by other people via forms, and a rule to create subtasks for information that needs to be gathered before that project can move into my team’s work queue. The parent task should be blocked until those prerequisite subtasks are complete. I was previously using templates to accomplish this, but the manual work necessitated to create a new copy of the template, merge it with the new work task, and then fully delete the empty template (to keep the project clean when it isn’t filtered for only uncompleted tasks) for every single work request is burdensome and would be completely unnecessary if the rules could allow for this feature.

Hi @Leigh_Flynn,

FYI this capability is available in the Add subtasks rule action in our Flowsana integration.

Thanks Phil. I keep asking, but my organization doesn’t support Flowsana at this time. There is resistance to paying for a secondary service to make the primary service function appropriately.

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The number of forum questions/issues that can only be solved by using Flowsana ought to be deeply concerning to the dev team at Asana…