Useful feature requests for increased productivity




Below are a bunch of feature requests I think can help teams be more productive:

  • Assign a task to several people (copies of the same task) by adding the people in the “To:” field when sending an email (email to asana)
  • When CC’ing a group email ( which comprises our Asana users, they all get added as followers to a task
  • Be able to input dates via email to Asana
  • Be able to see a list of projects available to tag tasks to via Slack to Asana

Let me know what you think.




I suggest you split your post, one per request, and for each of them use the Search engine because there is a good chance it has been asked already. I can help!


There are some major email add-ins that address some of your questions but I do agree with @Bastien_Siebman

  1. GMail- Turn emails into tasks with Asana for Gmail

  2. Outlook for Windows - Sendana Outlook To Asana - Sendana

  3. Project Buddy ( I am not as familiar with this) Outlook Integration to Asana