Turn emails into tasks with Asana for Gmail


Exciting news for Asana and Gmail
We’ve been working with the G Suite team to perfect the Asana for Gmail Add-on and today we’re excited to share that Asana for Gmail is now available in the G Suite Marketplace. With this add-on, you can turn your emails with clients, customers, and teammates into actionable tasks that are tracked in Asana—without leaving your inbox.

Read about it in detail on the Asana blog:

How to use the add-on
You can add this add-on to your gmail account by following the instructions below:

Step 1: log into Gmail

Step 2: Click on the gear icon under your profile picture in gmail

Step 3: Select the option “Get add-ons”

Step 4: Search for the name “Asana for Gmail” and install this app (Make sure you are not a Google Admin. Google admins are currently not supported for this yet meaning the installation button will be grayed out. If you are currently a Google admin, please demote yourself temporarily)

Step 5: Click through the installation windows.

You have now installed “Asana for Gmail”!

Steps to use “Asana for Gmail”

Step 1: Open your inbox

Step 2: Open an Email

Step 3: The Asana logo should load on your right sidebar.

Step 4: Click on the logo and authorize your Asana account

Step 5: Click on the three vertical dots and select “Settings”

Step 6: Under the Dropdown menu “Organization/Workspace”, please select the relevant Organization/Workspace

You are now able to start using this app!

To remove the “Asana for Gmail” add-on, please follow the directions below

Step 1: Select the gear icon under your profile picture in gmail

Step 2: Select the option “Get add-ons”

Step 3: When you see the “Asana for Gmail” app, (search it if you don’t see it) click on the three vertical dots.

Step 4: Select the option “Remove”

You have now removed the “Asana for Gmail” app from your gmail.

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Hi Alexis,

thank you for this great Add-on. I find it to be very usefull and boosting my efficiency since I no longer need another tool to organize my mails.
I especially like that it looks very slim and is easy to handle.

I only miss two small features: If I try to assign a task to another member of my organization, the auto-complete function I love so much from Asana is not included. That means, I have to search for the name. It is not a big problem, but it significant less comfortable than in Asana.
The other feature I would love is a stronger search function. Tasks are sometimes hard to find if you can’t choose a team or project, because for some keywords I got a lot of similar tasks in different teams and projects.

Besides from that, you at Asana rock. Thank you for all the great stuff you pushed out lately!


It will be a good edition for Gmail users. One note, is if you are the Administrator on you G-Suite account, it currently will not let you install the add-in. I have been in contact with both Asana and Google support and they are aware of this and are working on it.


No google apps / G Suite support —> Can’t use it.


It is working with Google Apps/ G Suite, but not for administrators… I have the same issue, because I am admin, but everyone in my domain-organization can use it and it works just wonderful.
But it is not the fault of Asana, since the same applies for all new Gmail add-ons.

From my point of view, it is still a very great feature and many friends of mine have requested this. Moreover, there is never a tool or add-on which is perfect from the beginning, so let us embrace this hickup as a normal part of something new.

Really great work @Maimoona_Block - Thanks so much for pushing this!



It isn’t working for me.
After install it, the Asana’s logo don’t appear, just an generic image and when I click in it, the right panel appears, but with nothing in it.
I tried to click in the … and choose Settings, but nothing happens.
I removed it and installed it again 3 times, but it still not works.

Can you guys help me?

(I’m using chrome on windows 10)


I don’t see any option in google to “temporarily demote” myself as an admin, can you provide more details on how to do this?


Everyone in my organization can install this feature but the install button is greyed out for me and I cannot install this feature, which makes no sense. Are there plans to allow this feature for G-Suite administrators?


@James_Carl is my hero!!! Did Google give you any ETA on when the bosses/admin’s can use this feature?


No, I don’t have any more information than anybody else other than both teams appear to be working on it.


Word. Hopefully they get it up and running soon! :frowning:


Thanks for reporting these issues! We’re aware of them and working on a fix asap.



I’ve followed the installation instructions but am getting the error message ‘Contact your admin to get approval to install this app.’

My admin has Whitelisted everything and anything he can see in relation to Asana for Gmail but I am still getting the error.

Any advice?



Exactly the same issue here with the same screenshoot.


Thanks for providing the screenshot and these details. Our team is working to build a solution as quickly as possible.


You can remove yourself as as admin and add it to another email, and you will get access to it. Just go to admin.google.com. user/ security to change it out.


Having done a bit more digging, it appears that this is a problem on the
Google side. If your GSuite domain is restricted to only instal whitelisted
apps (as ours is), there is currently no ability to whitelist a Gmail
Add-On. Looks like Google are working on adding this functionality but are
not there yet. If your admin turns off user installation of apps, then the
Asana Gmail Add-On should work. Unfortunately my admin is not willing to do
this :frowning:



Interesting support email for Google today
Hello James,

Thanks for your patience.

Please read below for updates on the status of your issue:

Updates since last message:

“The Google Engineering is still working on a fix for issue where G Suite domain administrators are unable to install Gmail Add-ons on their accounts or for entire domain. We currently don’t have a firm ETA of deployment to production as this was delayed for issue with release of relevant feature.
However this is a high-priority issue and we will provide you weekly updates on the progress.”


Google gets it. Fact.


Thanks Jim,

Looks like a not so easy to fix issue :wink: or there are too many high prio challenges…