Add all project collaborators to a task

Hi @Alexis,

I appreciate the offered solution, though I still think having to duplicate the task is very time inefficient.

It feels like more key/mouse strokes than necessary. First I click on the template task, click on task options > copy, make sure “collaborators” is checked, then click copy. Then I have to go back into the newly copied task to edit it further.

What would be the best way to suggest Asana adds a new feature to simplify this? For example, if I could just type in the name of a project to the “add collaborators” section in a task, and that would automatically add all collaborators of a project as collaborators of that task.

Thanks so much!

@Alexis Or, as Julien suggested, a box we could check in a new task that says “add all project collaborators as collaborators of this task.”


Hi @Sam_P! I took the liberty of creating a new #productfeedback thread with your ideas. I encourage you to vote!


Hi everyone, wouldn’t it be nice if in any conversation, message or description, when somebody types @everyone, every member of the project gets tagged?

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I think it would be useful, sort of like when you do an advanced search for reports. It would also be good to be able to @ the entire team and @ members in a project.

Hi Santiago and welcome to the forum! I’ve moved your suggestion to the Product Feedback category so others can vote on your feature idea. I also modified your title so others can easily find your suggestion. Good luck!


Hi @Marie
This topic is almost the same as the following one, thus maybe they should be merged:

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Thanks for the mention @Julien_RENAUD, all done!

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