A "Collaborator" Tab is just as important as "My Tasks"

I’m not sure if someone from the Community has asked this before, but I have spent a great deal of time searching for the “right” way to see all the tasks I’m added on as a collaborator. I think it would be efficient and less time-consuming if there was an option under “My Tasks” for “Collaboration” where all the tasks you get added to would show up where you can track progress.
While I’ve tried searching directly in Asana for Tasks I’ve been added on as a collaborator, or just straight up looked through every employee’s assigned task. I think it would be helpful to my senior management, who aren’t a part of the day-to-day but are added to tasks for record-keeping sake, could just go to that section to see what is being done by our team.
Instead, we’ve had to supplement this and create projects called team boards, which leaves it up to the team to remember to add their tasks to this team board. The collaborator’s tab under my tasks would open it up for us to sort by team/projects/due dates & cut down on how many projects we have in asana that have nothing to do with task completion/workflow.

Hi @Courtney-Claire_Hayn!
I agree that a dedicated tab for Collaborate would be useful. I added my vote.
A workaround would be to use a saved search as follow,:

In the collaborators field you can specify the person or persons you want to include.
Add more filters as needed.
You can save this search for easy reference under your saved searches or bookmark it in your browser.


I agree with Paul that the an advanced search saved in the Saved Search is a good workaround.

Hi @Paul_Grobler!
I definitely have that enabled for myself even if I don’t always see what I’m looking for in it.
But for my CEO, who rarely uses Asana, it’s a bit harder navigating.
And thinking about my overwhelmed project managers who see the volume of projects/have to update each task to make sure they’re being shown on all the boards (& feel like they aren’t completing as much work) – I just want to make sure everyone enjoys using this awesome tool that I love so much.

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I love this idea, I feel like having a intuitive/built in way to view the tasks you are a collaborator on would really help a lot of the community who complain and feel constrained by tasks only being able to be assigned to one person. (Plus the benefits as you said for lopping in management who may not be a part of the day-to-day work).

Great tip and workaround! I immediately went and saved that search so I could have that view for myself! But I mentioned it to other people in my organization and its been a little harder to get them on board. The fact that searches may not always be visible in the sidebar (if you have a lot of Teams and projects within your Organization like we do) and that it feels separated from My Tasks and Inbox both seem to be contributing to a lack of adoption and having it be a regular thing to look at as part of daily workflow.

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I believe a collaborator tab would show way too many tasks most of the time, but I’ll wait and see if Asana does something!