A widget that allows me to see all projects I'm a collaborator on at a glance

Inbox updates can be cluttered as they contain notifications about everything from completed tasks to comments people are making. It would be nice to have a home screen widget where I can see “tasks I’m collaborating on” as neatly as I can view “my tasks” on my page or “collaborating with you” on someone else’s profile. The issue is that I have to individually click on each profile (I work in a team of about 15) to see this feature. I think a widget would be great to see it all at once and be able to follow up efficiently.

@Adriana_Lucas – welcome to the forum!

If you are on the Starter or Advanced plan in Asana you can create a saved search that will allow you to see all of the tasks that you are a collaborator on. See this explanation from Emily.

There is already this existing feature request that might be something you’re interested in. View for Tasks where I’m a collaborator (under “My Tasks).