View for Tasks where I'm a collaborator (under "My Tasks)

I am missing a view for all tasks where I’m a collaborator on. I know that there is the custom report function which is a reasonably good solution.

However, I’d find it much more intuitive if you could add a switch/filter to show tasks where you are a collaborator in “My Tasks”. Or in an additional view. This would improve visibility and place the tasks where I’d expect them to be.

Some background info where this idea came from:
My colleagues and I naturally looked for a way to show tasks where one is a collaborator under “My Tasks”. It took some time for us to discover and use custom searches, but it helped us make a search for collaborative tasks. In the beginning I’ve used bookmarks to the custom search URLs to get to the searches quickly. I just discovered the report function by accident while looking through the forums. I think that reports reports should be more prominent in the onboarding process.

This is a much needed feature in our org. Sure, the user could set up a report but that’s clunky since we don’t have the option to filter “out” tasks I am assigned to (and with that automatically a collaborator). It would be so nice to see those in my tasks :slight_smile:

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