Widget to have a overview of principals tasks of your team

Hello Asana team

I manage a team and company with a lot of proyects. There are so many tasks and proyects that sometimes it made me difficult to have a good overview of everything I need.

I think the widgets can be a great tool to do that. I would like to could add one widget to every leader and add it the main tasks we have to follow and see everything in just one screen.

Maybe there is a way of doing that, but i dont know!

Hi @Leticia_Ghisio ,

Can you give some context on how you structure your projects and what kind of information you want your leaders to have? This feels like it could be a great application for universal dashboard reporting (Insights > Reporting) or portfolios, depending on how you have structured your data.

As an example, do you want to keep track of information about tasks, projects, or both? What information do you want to keep track of (e.g., # of tasks overdue, status of projects owned by a particular person, etc.)?

For sure Stephen.
I have 5 different teams and Leaders, each one have different proyects but some task I would like to have selected to overview on a reduced way. If I use tags for the tasks its not so visual.

I think that I could be solve with a widget that you can select tasks, and you can have more than one separtatedly, if you understand what i mean.

Something like that.

Because sometimes you need to follow proyects or tasks that the delivies its not for know but they are strategic. This is a good way to follow just the important things on each team

I want to have an overview of more important thing my team have in just one screen. (And add and delete task of these view).

This is very usefull if you Manage a big team with differents areas, as I do.

Hi @Leticia_Ghisio ,

Thanks for the context! I think I understand your ask and agree this would be a great feature. As you know, there are currently pretty limited widgets available on the home page, but I think there are some options that might help you (depending on which level of Asana licensing you’ve purchased).

I think universal reporting might help you here, although it won’t present you the exact view you’re seeking. If you create an organization/workspace-wide custom field (or use one of the pre-made Asana ones) to group your priority tasks, you could create some charts to sum up that information.

As an example, if you use Asana’s pre-made “Priority” field, you could set all your team’s important tasks as “High” and then create a chart that pulls all tasks from your organization with high priority grouped by assignee (i.e., assignee on the x-axis, task count on y-axis, filter on priority=High).

Another option is to create a saved search that mimics your request (sort of). Again, you’d probably want to use a field to indicate which tasks to highlight, but you could then use the Advanced Search to filter for tasks assigned to your team with priority=High. Sort by assignee and save the resulting search by starring it.

Hope these are helpful! Also, make sure to upvote your post!

Thanks so much! Its not the same but it could help me!
:slight_smile: have a nice day!