A Portfolio Widget For Teams.

I would love to see an ability to add a custom widget for a team, that shows Portfolios. This would be so helpful from a program management point of view. The project widget in the team section gets busy and unorganized. Being able to have a widget for portfolios would allow us to organize them programs and would make sorting and cleaning up the team page amazing!


Welcome to the Asana Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Daniel_Conley! We will let you know if this is something we implement in the future.

Upvoting this comment - would also like a Portfolio widget, which would much better map to our workflows then the project widget

agree +1 for portfolio widget as goals → portfolio → projects → tasks and visually showing them would be perfect.

we manage our 4 year strategic plan as we have goals and each of them has portfolio and each portfolio has projects or initatives. showing them visually will be helpful