Widgets for project overview tab?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could use widgets in the Project Overview tab?

We now have customizable sections, but widgets would offer more flexibilty.

The current sections could be the first widgets: how we will collaborate, roles, milestones, etc, but other widgets like these Drop-down and text box menus for the Overview Tab would be nice.

I am also thinking of an extended role widget where one could add contact info from other people related to the project e.g. contactpersons with the client.

I really believe the widget approach is where Asana is heading. They have them for tasks, on the new Home…

Is there a way (or a planned update feature) where I can rearrange the elements on the Overview tab?

Can I hide/delete a section? (e.g. if we don’t want the Project Roles section to show.)

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

Currently you cannot rearrange them but it might be possible in the future not sure.
Best thing to do is upvoting feedback requests :slight_smile:
In the project brief that you can create as well you can drag and drop sections you prepared but yeah that is something different.