Drop-down and text box menus for the Overview Tab

Just a recommendation for the overview tab in asana. For my company (MEP Engineers), we would like for all members of our team to see the scope of work that should be capture in our project information.

For this to work effectively it would have to have the option that to add dropdown and other related text boxes like what asana already provides in other tabs.

An Example of this is:

Project Number:

Date Issued:

Project Description:

Project Site Location:

Project Server Location:

Project Revision:

  1. Rev A
  2. Rev B
  3. Rev C

Project Scope:

  1. Electrical

  2. Plumbing

  3. Fire

  4. HVAC

The scope of work for MEP varies from project to project and we’d like our engineers to be able to see their scope of work once they go into the overview tab.

@Emran_Thompson one thing I might suggest is to have a Project that is specifically designed to capture requests, via Forms, to setup new Projects with the following information. The Form would provide the dropdown functionality you are looking for and then it is simply a matter of the admin that creates these projects to copy-paste the Form data (which comes in as a Task Description) and place it into the overview. Just a thought on a potential workaround.

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Great idea @Jerod_Hillard :+1:t3: and thanks for sharing this feature request @Emran_Thompson! The new Overview tab is a brand new feature which we will definitely look into improving in the future. I’ve shared your request with our product team and will let you know here is this is something we plan to implement in the future!