Use the AI feature to find duplicate tasks


I saw you have an AI feature, which you can see in this screenshot: Awesome Screenshot. Since we have a lot of projects in Asana, we create a lot of tasks accordingly. And, there may be duplicates of a particular task (for example, a bug, or the creation of a new feature, etc.) The question is, does it make sense to upgrade your subscription to a higher one to use the AI feature to find duplicate tasks? Or does the AI feature not support this? If it does not, it would be useful to get information or solutions from you on how to properly control duplicates in Asana (maybe there are other features, tips, etc.). Thank you!


Can anyone help me?

Hello @Andrii_Bandiak,

I am not aware that this is possible at this stage but you could use advanced search in case there are any specific things that defines these tasks such as specific due date, assignee etc

And I found this feedback request thread that you might be interested upvoting: Auto-detect potential duplicate tasks

Here is an overview on the AI features currently available and coming soon: