Auto-detect potential duplicate tasks

In reviewing the Future of Asana video (yup, I’m a bit late to this party), it seems like y’all are pursuing a lot of AI-based things. I work for a small software company and a lot of those problems of scale aren’t things that would directly address problems we have.

However, that got me to thinking about how some of the AI you’re developing could be used, and I do have a use case/feature I’d love to see you work on.

We track our entire product backlog in a single project in Asana. As you can imagine, we often have problems with duplicate or very similar tasks–different coworkers might phrase things in a different way, or simply forget to search if we already have a request for a given feature. Usually, we end up relying on our memories as to whether something sounds familiar/similar to an existing request.

It would be amazing to have some kind of “This looks like it might be a duplicate of xx task…” functionality, where there might be either a report or an on-screen warning when, based on the task title and description, it seems like there’s a potential duplicate in the same project. I realize our use case might not be the most common, but it would be incredibly helpful to have something like this (similar to the “Your topic is similar to…” warnings I’m getting right now as I type this :slight_smile:)

I didn’t see a request like this but I know for our use case (product backlog with hundreds of tasks), it would be incredibly useful!

I agree this would be useful, and I actually think many users would agree. Perfect application of AI/ML, as you note.

There’s a possible slight hitch when an org relies heavily on templates to create tasks. But if implemented well, this feature would have no trouble determining that 50 occurrences of “Release artwork to printer” are not true duplicates, based on factors other than task title.


Sometimes I have an idea :bulb:, and I quickly create a task for it so I do not forget about it. a few Month later I have that same idea again or someone else suggests it. It is not a priority so nothing has been done about it and the result is I create duplicate tasks in my project. :pensive:

I find duplicates that I have created a few month apart and that have coexisted for a while… Sometimes they have a very similar subject, sometimes it’s worded differently; one could be assigned to someone else, the other one to me. and I end up jotting ideas in both tasks.
I realise it is my fault for creating the task twice but similar to when we create a new post in the Forum, it could be handy to have a warning: “Your topic (task) is similar to…

I realise this could be annoying every time you create a task and repetitive tasks would throw a spanner in the works.

Upon re-reading myself, I wonder if this feature is really worth creating so instead I might ask the community: Do you suffer from the same problem ?


Hi @Jonathan_Stern, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

I agree, I think this is a good idea. We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with that thread to consolidate the feedback. :slight_smile:

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