This task already exists !


Sometimes I have an idea :bulb:, and I quickly create a task for it so I do not forget about it. a few Month later I have that same idea again or someone else suggests it. It is not a priority so nothing has been done about it and the result is I create duplicate tasks in my project. :pensive:

I find duplicates that I have created a few month apart and that have coexisted for a while… Sometimes they have a very similar subject, sometimes it’s worded differently; one could be assigned to someone else, the other one to me. and I end up jotting ideas in both tasks.
I realise it is my fault for creating the task twice but similar to when we create a new post in the Forum, it could be handy to have a warning: “Your topic (task) is similar to…

I realise this could be annoying every time you create a task and repetitive tasks would throw a spanner in the works.

Upon re-reading myself, I wonder if this feature is really worth creating so instead I might ask the community: Do you suffer from the same problem ?


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