Use template to create multiple tasks and related dependencies in two different projects

I’m looking for the ability to create a template that will create multiple tasks and related dependencies in two different projects.

We are using separate boards based on team for task completion with separate integrated notifications, so the boards cannot be combined. Some tasks require action that touches multiple teams, and some of those actions are dependent on one team completing their task before the next team can complete their task.

I am familiar with creating task templates and setting automations, but I cannot find a way to create an automation or task template that applies to multiple boards.

Is this something that is available? If so, can you direct me to where this is available? If not, can you tell me if this would be considered for development in the future?

Hi @Jordan_Hawkins and welcome to the forum!

While you can’t directly create a task in a task template in Project A that creates the task in Project B, here are two potential solutions:

  • If you want the task to be in both Project A (where the template lives) and another Project B, you can use multi-homing to have the task live in both projects.
  • If you only want the task to live in another Project B, you can add it via the task template to Project A and then have a rule in Project A which moves the task to Project B. You would need to have some field or property of the task set to some value that you would use to trigger the rule. Let me know if this is not clear enough.

Thanks for your quick reply! I think after looking at it more that we will actually be able to combine the projects/boards and still keep the notifications we want, so that should solve this particular need. That’s helpful to know about other options, as well!

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