Templates with multi-homes tasks


Is it possible to have 2 templates with multi-homed tasks?

For instance, 2 templates A and B, with in tasks in A already multi-homed in B.


Hi @Julien_RENAUD!

You can certainly create a template and multi-home tasks from both templates. These tasks will exist simultaneously in all of those template projects. Please note that if you complete the task in one project, it will be completed in all projects it is associated with.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

@Julien_RENAUD and @Emily_Roman,

I don’t think it works the way you both think.

If TemplateProjectA and TemplateProjectB are both templates, and TaskA is multi-homed in each, then when you create InstantiatedProjectX from either template, TaskA will not be multi-homed to either.

But a task in a template that’s multi-homed to a non-template project will retain its multi-homed project membership.

This makes sense to me.

Essentially, I think it checks if the membership project is a template, then it ignores that membership when instantiating the task in the new project.


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Thank you @lpb for jumping in the conversation.

Yes this is what I was thinking, but my message may not be clear I guess.

The idea (which is something a client wants to achieve) is to let’s say have a “template of 2 projects”. A and B are 2 project templates with multi-homed tasks (a task is belonging to A and B), and you create two new A and B, with already multi-homed tasks.

Is it clearer explained that way?

If I understand you, @Julien_RENAUD, you’re describing exactly this use case:

The task will drop those project memberships upon instantiation because the project memberships are of template projects not regular projects.

Yes that’s it, I’d like to be able to implement this automatically, it would be convenient :+1:

I created two templates recently with a rule on the second template. If a task is added to Template A, Section 1, then also add the task to Template B, Section 1. Could you do that?

And by “added” I mean multi-homed.